Case Studies



A client contacted me regarding some metal railings to replace an existing wooden rail. It was to run along the top of a brick wall outside the back door of the house. They knew what they wanted the design to be like and I was given a drawing of the railings with three centred arches to match the windows on the house.

The railings were hot dip galvanized and painted black for a long lasting high quality finish. When it came to the fitting I was able to core drill holes into the engineering bricks that covered the top of the wall. I then inserted the railing and filled the holes with a heavy duty resin bond. The resin goes in as a liquid and after approximately half an hour it cures and becomes as hard as concrete. Another coat of paint was applied to give it an even better finish and it was complete.

 railing1 (800x631)


These gates were designed to fit between two stone walls to keep two gardens separated with a unique border. The design originates from the sheppards crook. The measurements weren’t easy as both walls lean out slightly. This discrepancy was taken up on the top hinge points. On the end of each vertical bar there is a hook shape that wraps around the top of each gate. The gates are constructed with tennons and ball punched rivets to give an intricate detail. They were then hot dip galvanized, T-washed and painted to the clients specification.

When it came to the fitting day it took a lot of planning. A pair of gates are always harder to fit than a single gate and the leaning walls made it slightly trickier. I drilled holes and used a resin bond to fix the hinges into the stone work. This is a very strong bond, perfect for hanging gates to stone walls. After half an hour of curing and a cup of tea, a quick tidy up and its done!

Metal Gates

metal gates by Alan Colebtach


This sign was designed with the only criteria that it had to look traditional and be in keeping with the property. The property is a small cottage down a long lane and the sign had to go on the road side. With this in mind the brackets had to look the part but at the same time not look too flamboyant. I came up with 2 designs and asked the clients what they thought. They chose the one which I liked the most so I was more than happy to oblige. The bracket is put together traditionally and the decoration is painted with a gold rich paint. The hardwood board was supplied by the client for me to rout the letting into by hand. I then painted the lettering in black and varnished it with several coats of high quality varnish. The fitting was simple, small hole and concreted in.

metal signs by alan colebatch